Weight Loss

Whatever the reason whether it’s for health, a wedding, a pant size, a cruise or a return to pre-baby body, you want to lose weight. Making the decision on a weight loss clinic can be overwhelming. There are many weight loss programs to choose from. Different methods of weight loss such as HCG injections, meal replacement shakes, bars, prepackaged meals, supplements and even medications like phentermine. The cost. The vibe of the office. Time. All the above are important factors in your decision.

At Rocklin Weight Loss we know this. That is why on your first visit we are going to cover a lot of ground. Do it with respect. We will discuss your weight loss struggles. Together we will develop an action plan based on your weight loss challenges. Set small but mighty achievable goals for success. Review the building blocks of a healthier relationship with food such as detoxification, gut health (Apple Cider Vinegar and Probiotics), meal planning, meal prep, self-care, fitness, vitamin supplements for energy and introduce new healthy concepts for dieting like Whole 30, Keto and the Mediterranean Diet. We will coach you every step of the way.

On your first visit we will discuss the prescription diet pill, Phentermine as a short-term option for weight loss. The beauty of Phentermine is that while your appetite is suppressed, and energy is restored healthier eating habits can be learned and a return to fitness can occur. You should expect, if you put in the work, to lose around 8-10 pounds a month on average. We will review all aspects of Phentermine so that you are comfortable with this weight loss option. B12 injections are also part of our program for energy level boosting and are included on your first visit. We will discuss natural weight supplements such as Garcinia.

The first visit takes on average forty-five minutes. We ask for lab work within six weeks and will discuss options for obtaining it. Children are very welcome at Rocklin Weight Loss. Follow up visits do not need to be scheduled and should occur weekly for ultimate success. We would be honored to make your weight loss goals a reality. Contact us to get started today. What are you waiting for?

The Journey Begins with a 1-2 Day Weight Loss Detox.

It is a great way to kick start your weight loss goals. A mental reboot when you are off track with food. Your calories will drop to 600 per day. Expected weight loss is 3-5 pounds. No unhealthy carbs. No dairy. No gluten. Your body will be infused with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. We recommend that you start our program this way and return to it whenever you need to get your mind right with food. We give you two options. Both work well. Pick which one sounds good to you.

Weight Loss Detox Option #1 – Juice Cleanse

5 juices in one day. Every two or three hours you will be drinking juice. Each juice is designed to stabilize blood sugar and curb cravings. The juices have a variety of vegetables and fruit. Taste delicious. Their produce is organic, non-gmo and fresh.The next day you will feel absolutely amazing.

We recommend purchasing the juice cleanses from a local company, Farm Fresh Juice Company. Located in Rocklin. The staff is very knowledgeable and you can actually pick your five juices based on your preferences. Very convenient. You don’t have to pre order. Just walk in and purchase. The owner is Tina and she will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

The other option for juice cleanse purchase is in the Fountains. Pressed Juicery. They are a chain and carry pre-made pressed juices.

Weight Loss Detox Option #2- The Naked Cleanse

If a juice cleanse isn’t your thing then the naked cleanse is perfect.

Your tomorrow starts right now!

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