Tele-Weight Loss

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Weight loss doesn’t get any more convenient than this!

All that is needed is a mobile device or computer and your weight loss journey begins.

How Does It Work?


  • Once you schedule your first appointment, we’ll send over the new client paperwork. Please complete the paperwork prior to your visit.
  • Please have a current blood pressure reading and accurate weight at the time of your visit.

The 1st Appointment

  • We’ll meet via a Kareo video meeting.
  • Your medical provider will review your medical history, assess your BMI, and review your blood pressure, nutritional habits, and exercise.
  • We’ll discuss the Whole 30 Diet.
  • You will be encouraged to eliminate white flour, wheat, sugar, and dairy. This will assist you in your weight loss transformation goals and in establishing your weight loss platform.
  • We’ll set small achievable goals.
  • Medication will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice, if applicable.
  • Temporarily not prescribing Phentermine
  • If you choose hypnotherapy, we’ll schedule the appointment at this time.
  • Lab work is required within 8 weeks if not current.

Follow Ups

  • Please send in your weigh-ins weekly.
  • We’ll do monthly follow-up visits.
  • The program lasts 3-4 months.

Client Testimonials

“I like Debra’s approach. Weight loss is a lifestyle and a habit not fleeting. Food journaling helped me with portion control. I approve of the mind body transformation vibe at Rocklin Weight Loss.”

Christine D.

“I can see my waist again. I love the emails. This program has taught me accountability. What I put into my body. I am an engine. I feel better. I am pleasantly surprised. This program is great.”


“Every time I hear your voice I hear an old soul full of wisdom, gentleness. kindness, patience. You bring deep healing energy to your clients.”


“I didn’t like myself. I was losing weight for other people. I was unhappy and unhealthy. There is not a price on love and happiness. I gained it all back. This time I want to do it right. That is why I am at Rocklin Weight Loss”