Tele Weight Loss

This is the latest trend in weight loss. From the comfort of your own home or office. It is very simple and HIPPA compliant. We are working with the tele health software company Kareo where you will be able to book an appointment and complete documents. This appointment will be virtual. You will have a client login where you can communicate with your provider at any time. While we are on boarding Kareo this will be the process that you will follow.

Be prepared.


Step Two:

Complete DocuSign paperwork that will be emailed

Step Three:

Current Weight


Step Four:

Current blood pressure reading
Amazon has wrist blood pressure monitors fairly inexpensive $25 and smart watches have this capability on health app for Apple.

Step Five:

Current blood pressure reading is a inexpensive lab company that has locations everywhere. Register an account. The Tests to order are: Employer Wellness Screening ($39) + TSH (21$) Locations are everywhere. Get results and get them to us.

Step Six:

Chat with Debra McCurtain, owner via FaceTime or Zoom or Google Duo

Step Seven:

Pick up your prescription at local pharmacy

Step Eight:

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  • Current weight
  • Lab work within 4 weeks. The lab work must be current within past year. Ultra lab is an online lab that is cost effective.
  • Photo ID