Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Healing of the inner child.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing process of clarity and empowerment.

It utilizes hypnosis to access the subconscious mind where all experiences and memories are stored in order to resolve inner conflict.

The shame or hopelessness or frustration regarding a unhealthy relationship with food is explored.
It’s roots are traced deep into childhood and re-scripted. New conclusions and decisions are made.
The negative relationship with food is reframed.

I believe that hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in the process of weight loss unlike any other because it addresses food behaviors on the inside.

I have said this many times that weight loss begins on the inside.

What is a session like?

The client does all the work. It lasts 90 minutes.

The Interview

It begins with an interview which is a conversation about the war with food and the scale.

How it affects you. How you feel about it.

A core emotion is identified underneath the food behavior or inability to lose weight such as anger, shame, feeling out of control, guilt and or hopelessness, frustration or all of it.

Where in the body are these feelings located? This is critical to the session because this emotion or emotions are given a voice, released and traced to their core throughout the session.


I use ocean sounds and guide the client to progressively relax their body by connecting to their breath.

I also invite the client to move divine golden light energy throughout their body as they breathe.

At this point the client is dipping into their subconscious mind. Their supercomputer. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. We go in and out of this state during the day. The subconscious mind is the warehouse of the soul.

The barriers to losing weight fall as the ego mind is pushed aside and the client is able to have great clarity to what this struggle is really all about. What the food behaviors stand for.

I do not give the client any suggestions. They do all the work. I am meant as a guide.

Positive Anchoring

Before the client goes sailing into their subconscious mind with deeply rooted emotions they are grounded within themselves by identifying their favorite place where they feel safe, their spiritual connection is brought in and their wise adult.

Now the client is ready to process the emotion underneath the food behaviors and or the struggle with losing weight and trace it to it’s core within their subconscious mind. It is a cycle of opening the door to each memory of the emotion. This is very fluid. Age regressions occur. The soul knows the way and addresses each experience of the emotion. Heal what needs to be healed. Soul retrievals occur at this point. The client integrates lost parts of themselves. This empowers them to make new conclusions and decisions. The barriers to weight loss fall. The healing of the inner child occurs.

I have been in the weight loss field for quite awhile. Binge eating is an inner child issue hands down. The adult wants to lose weight and is committed. It’s the inner child within who when they feel scared or anxious cannot be controlled. They want what they want when they want it. One cookie will not do. Hypnotherapy addresses this. A dialogue with the inner child begins and a healthier relationship with food is the result.

Here’s what clients are saying

“Hypnotherapy has been a game changer for me. I have learned to love myself, forgive myself and have more clarity about my needs. It has empowered me to say , “No” when I need to. During the session I faced some childhood trauma and began healing. Hypnotherapy reprogrammed my thoughts and how I respond to all situations. I am not as reactive and co-dependent. I have lost weight and make better choices with food. I am so grateful to Deb for opening this door to this therapy and look forward to more sessions as I continue to heal and discover myself.”

Janine Sinkey

“For the last two years I have been seeking medical care to determine the root cause of my weight gain. Two years ago I put on thirty pounds in forty days. After countless appointments and other diagnostic tests no practice could give me the answer. I did not want to stop there. My search led me to a hypnotherapy appointment with Debra McCurtain. My appointment was a hour or so long. It was painless and informative. I will be honest. I was a bit skeptic. However Deb is gracious and gentle when navigating this session to truly take you out of yourself and look further in. So many things have transpired for me since. I have lost weight but most importantly, I have a new appreciation for myself. The relationship that I am building with myself and my relationship with food. Deb showed my what is important internally for a women (me) who has struggled with self-esteem and body image issues my entire life. Don’t wait for “last resort” call Deb. Take back your joy! Thank you Deb.”

Tia Agresto