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Heal the subconscious.

Hypnotherapy is the pathway to empowerment and weight loss success. It is here that the blocks to a healthy nourishing relationship with self and food exist. It is the subconscious mind that drives the emotional eating, the 2pm candy bar and the 6pm fast food run. Research has demonstrated that hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for weight loss.

How Does It Work?

Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the supercomputer of experience. It runs the show. It stores all memories past, present, and future, and it can be re-wired for positive behavioral change!

Research has demonstrated that our waking state accounts for 10% of brain function and the other 90% is the subconscious mind- that is no longer a mystery! Hypnotherapy is one way of accessing it.

For the war with food and the scale, it is the pathway to empowerment and weight loss success. The adult mind, or ego mind, wants to lose weight and reduce binge eating. The inner child does not. They want cookies, chips, or fast food, and cannot be controlled. They run the show. They are the blocks to a healthy nourishing relationship with self and food.

Somewhere along the line, they associated food with shame or fear. Hypnotherapy is the bridge to the inner child where deep healing occurs and unhealthy food behaviors can be negotiated with the inner child. It’s deep work.

There is nothing to fear during a hypnotherapy session— only healing. I have been in the weight loss industry for fifteen years and struggle with an eating disorder. Nothing has provided me with empowerment, clarity, self-love, and the ability to heal my body, mind, and soul like hypnotherapy. I am deeply honored to be doing this work.

About Debra

I am a highly trained hypnotherapist. I completed a two-year advanced clinical hypnotherapy internship at The Wellness Institute in Graham, Washington, and a Certification as a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist at The College of Hypnotherapy in Tarzana California. I am currently in a Breathwork Facilitator program with the Neurodynamic Breathwork Institute in Los Angeles.

Client Testimonials

“Hypnotherapy has been a game changer for me. I have learned to love myself, forgive myself and have more clarity about my needs. It has empowered me to say , “No” when I need to. During the session I faced some childhood trauma and began healing. Hypnotherapy reprogrammed my thoughts and how I respond to all situations. I am not as reactive and co-dependent. I have lost weight and make better choices with food. I am so grateful to Deb for opening this door to this therapy and look forward to more sessions as I continue to heal and discover myself.”

Janine Sinkey

“Hypnotherapy with Deborah has been the best thing I ever did. It helped me to get in touch with the root cause of the problems that have been plaguing me all my life. It brought me in touch with those feelings and patterns in a way that nothing else had helped. I had tried everything from aromatherapy to Zen and nothing had given me the relief that I needed from my did from my baggage and the patterns that were instilled in me as a child. The Process was not only painless it was liberating and freeing and my life has completely turned around after just 2 sessions I cannot say enough for Deb and the wonderful work that she is doing.”

Celene Wolfe

“For the last two years I have been seeking medical care to determine the root cause of my weight gain. Two years ago I put on thirty pounds in forty days. After countless appointments and other diagnostic tests no practice could give me the answer. I did not want to stop there. My search led me to a hypnotherapy appointment with Debra McCurtain. My appointment was a hour or so long. It was painless and informative. I will be honest. I was a bit skeptic. However Deb is gracious and gentle when navigating this session to truly take you out of yourself and look further in. So many things have transpired for me since. I have lost weight but most importantly, I have a new appreciation for myself. The relationship that I am building with myself and my relationship with food. Deb showed my what is important internally for a women (me) who has struggled with self-esteem and body image issues my entire life. Don’t wait for “last resort” call Deb. Take back your joy! Thank you Deb.”

Tia Agresto